New C-27J Next Generation Firefighter with MAFFS II for the Slovenian Defense

The Slovenian Ministry of Defense has taken delivery of the first of two new C-27J Next Generation aircraft, contracted with Leonardo following the Italy-Slovenia G2G Agreement of November 2021.

The new C27J Spartan is equipped with advanced avionics, equipped with a glass cockpit with five color multifunction screens, a radar for tactical transport missions, communication systems, satellite system, ballistic protection and with winglets that increase its aerodynamic performance.

As part of the G2G Agreement between the two countries, two separate contracts for acquisition, each including an aircraft and logistics-training services. The choice of the C-27J by the Slovenian Ministry of Defense allows it to satisfy various operational needs both in terms of transport and projection capacity in international missions, and in support of the national population for rescue, civil protection and firefighting tasks.

In fact, the Slovenian program plans to operate the C-27J also in the new Fire Fighting configuration, equipped with the latest generation Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System – MAFFS II palletized fire fighting system from United Aeronautical Corporation, world leader in aerial fire fighting application systems. Ordered in over 90 units to operate in the most challenging geographical, environmental and operational contexts, the Spartan continues to grow in capacity and performance, thanks to its design and intrinsic versatility and can carry out missions with maximum effectiveness and at competitive costs. Missions include military transport, airdrop of paratroopers and materials, tactical support to ground forces, Special Forces Operations, Maritime Patrol – MP, Command-Control-Communications – C3, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance – ISR and for humanitarian/air assistance operations – medical and support to populations affected by environmental disasters.

Article originally from spazionews: http://spazio-news.it/?p=11674

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