• MAFFS II Systems have been proven safe and effective during over two decades of real-world firefighting service
  • 3,000 US Gallon Tank with variable discharge, ranging from full release in less than 4 seconds to hot spot clean up with multiple variable drops
  • Controllable Pressurized Discharge meets all Current Coverage Levels (up to CL8) set by IAB and US Forest Service standards
  • In-flight tank pressurization capability allows the system to not be tethered to ground compression


  • S- Duct placement on MAFFS II systems allows for clean delivery of payload without bathing the aircraft in corrosive fire retardant
  • All openings remain secured and the aircraft remains pressurized during operations
  • Because the system is pressurized and not gravity fed, multiple smaller precision drops are possible


  • Firefighting – rapid attack and containment
  • Chemical/Oil Spills – Corexit & AFFF foam compatible
  • Nuclear/Radiological/Biological contamination – delivery of atomized isotopes
  • Fumigation – Pest and Mosquito mitigation
  • Agricultural Applications – anti-narcotics, vegetation control, and crop dusting
  • MAFFS II allows cost conscious operators to add real aerial fire firefighting capabilities without having to purchase dedicated aircraft
  • System is separate and distinct from the aircraft, so life cycle costs compared to aircraft maintenance are significantly less
  • Without dedicated aircraft to maintain, maintenance and operating costs are drastically reduced
  • A MAFFS system costs about as much as an annual Call When Needed contract for a comparable airtanker, but can be reused year after year for a variety of missions


  • Available for manufacture and delivery within a year allowing operators to respond quickly to worsening wildfire conditions and increased risk
  • Robust supply chain built on years of service with multi-vendor support